Testimonials of Sheepdog Academy


"More than 300 police agencies have attended one of the Sheepdog Academy’s webinars, so I recommend this webinar, especially if you are responsible for training legal issues related to police use of deadly force."

Richard Fairburn, PoliceOne.com

"This is MUST training for anyone who carries a firearm pursuant to HR 218. It covers it all."

Carl, Virgina Railroad Police

"If you expect to carry concealed across state lines, you really owe it to yourself to attend this course. CYA."

Jack, NYPD Retired

"I thought the seminar was very informative and answered a lot of questions I had personally. I am really seriously thinking of taking it again."

Larry, Broome County Corrections

"I am a NYS Certified Firearms Instructor. I highly recommend this class."

Scott, Starrett City Dep't. Public Safety

"It has been six years since the passage of HR 218 and there is still much about LEOSA that is debated. There will be further court decisions and amendments. This seminar helped me to understand the ongoing process that LEOSA is going through."

David, Dep't of Defense Police

"This seminar clarified ALL the countless gray areas common to average LEOs. It could have easily filled 8 hours with subject matter & questions."

Kirk, Georgetown DE Police Dep't

"This seminar should be mandated for all law enforcement officers nationwide"

Cully, Helmetta (NJ) Police Dep't

"I have never taken another class where it went over like this one did and sensed that the class didn't want to leave…. I didn't even want the breaks. The class could have gone all day without stopping. I enjoyed every minute of it. "

Pete, U.S. Veterans Affairs Police Dep’t

"This class far exceeded my expectations. I would encourage all active and retired LEOs to take it!!"

John, Hoboken NJ Police (Ret)

"Very good course. Very useful information. Well worth the registration fee."

Jack, Port Authority Police of NY & NJ (Ret)

"I found the class very informative. I attended the class after working 12 hours and found it interesting enough to stay awake."

Tom, Port Authority Police of NY & NJ (Ret)

"I HIGHLY Recommend this class to other LEOs."

John Tucci, NYPD (Ret.)

"I had been saying for a long time that someone had to address the confusion with HR 218 and someone did. Thanks again, I will encourage my fellow LEO's to attend one of your seminars in the future."

John, Hudson County Prosecutor's Office
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